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MISSISSAUGA - 8 Week Group Program 730pm (Intro Level) - Bev

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Start Date: SEPTEMBER 10th

Located at High Octane Training
3105 Unity Dr Unit 16, Mississauga, ON


If you've ever felt intimidated by going to the gym, or unsure of what exercises work for you or if you're doing them right.. WWL will help you learn the basics of fitness so when you go to the gym by yourself, you have a renewed confidence and knowledge to back it up.

Intro to Women Who Lift is an in gym 8-week program aimed to equip women with the tools on proper fitness concepts and safe weight training practices. The focus of this program is to build a foundation of weight training and healthy habits.

2 classes per week for 8 weeks
75 minute classes
Various fitness lectures (progressive overload, nutritional guidelines & more)
Full workouts (warm up, mobility, exercises, stretches)
Focus on technique and form
Take home eBook

Meet like minded new friends who want to improve their fitness!


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