How to get back on track

How to get back on track

It happens.. we all take an unintentional break sometimes.  Work gets busy, you go on vacation, things come up, and before you know it, its been 2 months since your last workout. It becomes harder and harder to get back on track the longer you wait, so here's a few tips to get starter sooner rather than later!

Start small
You don't have to start back at your full routine.  Start with one small thing that you can get done and let it snowball.  Here are a few ideas:

  • get to bed earlier, a good nights sleep will set you up for the next day
  • go for an outdoor walk for 20 minutes
  • do a 10 minute stretching routine to get you moving
  • make a protein shake, we associate protein shakes as a post workout thing so you'll think you gotta do your workout

Create a schedule
Put your workouts in your Google Calendar, in your agenda, make it part of your schedule so you know it needs to get done! Choose your own workouts (or you can even ask us for some programming help) and write down the day and time you'll be doing them.  You'll be more likely to complete them once it's written somewhere!

Change your perspective
Often times we self sabotage ourselves. When we feel like we've failed at something then we don't even want to try anymore. It can be a vicious cycle. This is where you have to give yourself grace. You have to be your biggest fan and decide you can do it. The past is so irrelevant and you can create a new present! Once you change how you feel about the situation you know you can do it.

Redefine your goals
Sometimes we need a reminder of what we are working towards. Sit down with yourself and write out your goals. Maybe they're the same, maybe they changed. Decide what your goals are and why they are important to you. Recommit to bettering yourself.

Start today
The biggest indicator of success is ACTION! Don't delay what you can start right now, today, this minute! Don't want till Monday, don't wait till the 1st of the month or new years. Make the time and get started. The longer you think on a decison, the more likely it is you don't do it. So take action right away! You got this :)

Maida, Founder and Owner
Women Who Lift

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