3 reasons why you should track your diet for 1 week

3 reasons why you should track your diet for 1 week

Tracking your food can sound tedious but it's very informative if you go into it with an open mind.  The goal is to learn your habits and adjust according to your needs and goals.  Here are 3 reasons why you should track your diet for atleast 1 week.

1. Basic food knowledge

Tracking your diet allows you to become more aware of what you are consuming on a daily basis.  Many people don't actually know what their food is made up of.  When you learn what's in your food, it can help create a better understanding and a healthier relationship with food choices. 

When you're knowledgable about food, then you start to understand tacos can be a great source of protein, you know that having half a chocolate bar doesn't completely derail you from your goals, you learn that pasta is a great lunch choice before your workout in the evening as it will give you a ton of energy.

When you understand better then it doesn't leave you guilty for choosing some foods, and it helps you reach for other foods more often as you know what it really means to reach a goal in a sustainable way.

And no, butter is not a carb, it's mainly made up of fat sources.

To learn more about fats, proteins and carbs, check out this blog :)

2. Identify your habits 

Tracking your diet can help you identify eating patterns, become more aware of portion sizes and making sure your getting enough nutrients. You might not notice how often you eat out till you start tracking, you find out you skip breakfast most of the week, your dinner is your biggest calorie dense meal because you eat so little throughout the day.

By recognizing these patterns, you can develop strategies to overcome them. You are then empowered to make changes what are more realistic to your needs, schedule and lifestyle.

3. Know what changes to make 

 Once you have identified your habits, reflect on why these are the choices to go for you.  Once you know what you're doing, and why you're doing it, it's easier to create a change.

Habit: I skip breakfast
Why: Because I woke up late, because I went to bed late, because I was scrolling on Tiktok
Change: Set a phone limit and bedtime to give you enough time in the morning to make a balanced breakfast

Habit: I buy lunch at work
Why: Because its convenient and I don't want to make my lunch
Change: Buy ready to eat items you can make multiple lunches out of.
Rotisserie chicken, microwavable rice and premade salad = still don't have to cook + still convenient + and makes 2-3 lunches (saving $$)

Habit: I snack a lot at night
Why: Because I'm still hungry at night
Change: Find out if you're eating enough throughout the day. Create fuller meals for breakfast and lunch to see if you're less hungry at night.

Track your diet without a limit to find your habits 

  • Download a food diary app such as MyFitnessPal
  • Do NOT set a calorie limit or target, ignore this as we are not limiting ourselves to any numbers, we are just collecting data
  • The goal is to track your CURRENT diet, don't make it "clean", dont make it healthier, make it real
  • Review your full week and see what patterns you notice, see what you often reach for, see what you may be lacking or overdoing 
  • Reflect on why you make these choices (easy to make, less time consuming, don't cook, 
  • When ready to make a change, only make 1 small change each week

Maida, Founder and Owner
Women Who Lift

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