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women empowerment through weight training

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Either way, wherever you are in your journey, welcome to our WWL Community!

Women Who Lift is a growing brand that empowers women to lift weights. 

Unfortunately, the stigma still lingers that lifting heavy isn’t for women. Well, that’s why we’re here, to show you and other badass women around the world what lifting can do for you and your body.  

You’ll build real muscle (we don’t use the word toning, gross), eat more while still seeing amazing progress, get strong af, build confidence, and conquer the f**king world.  

We started out as a group training class in 2016 by teaching women the fundamentals of weight training. Since then, Women Who Lift has grown into an all-inclusive fitness brand that empowers women to build serious strength and confidence, in and out of the gym.

Oh, did I mention WWL also has some serious swag too? You can check it out here.

Above all that, WWL offers an educational approach to fitness. We help women develop their lifting technique with emphasis on form and tempo. There’s a lot of fitness information out there...some good, some bad, some ugly. And we only want to teach you the good stuff.  

Feel free to check out any of our services, from one on one training to group classes (online and in-person options are available for both).

We can’t wait for you to be involved in our Women Who Lift community! Keep an eye out for our upcoming projects and events! And keep inspiring other women to lift!

Maida, Founder and Owner
Women Who Lift

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