List of Protein Sources

List of Protein Sources

It can be challenging to get enough protein in to meet your goals. Here are a list of various protein sources and their protein content.
Please take note of the measurements (g, mL, oz, ,tbsp, per serving, per scoop)

Chicken breast - 31g per 100g
Chicken drumsticks - 24g per 100g
Chicken wings - 30g per 100g
Boneless chicken thighs - 26g per 100g
Chicken liver - 26g per 100g
Steak - 25g per 100g 
Lamb - 25g per 100g
Veal - 24g per 100g
Pork - 27g per 100g
Turkey - 29g per 100g
Ground beef (depending on the lean%) - 16-21g per 100g 
Tuna - 16g per 99g can
Salmon - 20g per 100g
Cod 18g per 100g
Haddock 20g per 100g
Tilapia - 26g per 100g
Shrimp - 23g per 100g
Sardines- 14g per 100g


Eggs - 6-7g per egg
Greek yogurt - 10g per 100g
2% Milk - 8g per 1 cup
Cottage cheese - 11g per 100g

Whey - 26g per scoop
Vegan - 22g per scoop
Pea protein - 20g per scoop
Hemp - 15g per scoop

Seitan - 25g per 100g
Edamame- 11g per 100g
Tofu - 8g per 100g
Chick peas - 9g per 100g
Legume - 6g per 100g
Beans - 9g per 100g
Lentils - 9g per 100g
Quinoa - 5g per 100g
Nutritional yeast - 4g per tbsp

Peas - 8g per cup
Lentil sprouts - 7g per cup
Brussel sprouts- 7g per cup
Artichokes - 4g per serving
Mushrooms - 3g per cup
Broccoli - 2.5g per cup
Asparagus- 2g per 100 grams
Corn - 4g per serving
Spirulina - 4g per tbsp

Almonds - 6g per 1oz
Pistachios - 6g per 1oz
Peanuts - 7g per 1oz
Cashews - 4g per 1oz
Pumpkin seeds - 10g per 1oz
Hemp Seeds - 9g per 1oz
Sunflower - 5.5g per 1oz
Chai seeds- 5g per 1oz


Keep in mind the carb and fat content of some of these foods. You may be getting in the protein but make sure its not at the expense of a surplus of fat or carbs overall.


Maida, Founder and Owner
Women Who Lift

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