18 things that women who lift just understand

18 things that women who lift just understand

Lifting weights changes you... forever. For the better.

  1. Your appetite increases big time. You basically start eating for 2, you and your muscles.

  2. You eat weird food combos, just to get your protein in. Yogurt and protein power and peanut butter, YUP!

  3. Jeans are not a thing anymore, quads are too big and waist too small. #tights4lyfe

  4. But when you find the right pair, oh the gains in those jeans.

  5. When someone says “don’t get too bulky” and you roll your eyes… usually a guy.

  6. You walk in the weight room and don’t give a shit that you’re the only girl there.

  7. When you lift more than the guy next to you and you feel badass af. Try to keep up dude.

  8. You get your nails done more because you have the most callusy calluses. And you love it!

  9. When you see another girl in the weight room, you are automatically BFFS.  You cheer her on from the other side of the gym.

  10. When you notice your gains in the mirror and you have an internal dance party.

  11. No matter how much you lift, those barbells clips are the toughest part of your workout.

  12. You can pick up the 45s with no problems.

  13. Eating enough to keep up with your gains gets expensive. You might consider a 2nd job.

  14. You always choose the highest protein item on the menu.

  15. When you hear someone say ‘low carb’ and you shutter… carbs fuel and rule!!

  16. Lifting weights becomes your new therapy.

  17. You ask potential boyfriends how much they squat, cause you don't date guys that don't do legs.

  18. You couldn't picture your life without weights anymore <3 

Maida, Founder and Owner
Women Who Lift


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