11 reasons you're not seeing progress

11 reasons you're not seeing progress

Sometimes you feel like you're doing all the right things but don't see the results you want. Take a quick read to see what might be holding you back and make some adjustments as needed.

Changing up your workouts too often

To see progress you need to stick to the same routine for a number of weeks, anywhere from 4-16 weeks depending on the goal.  If you're always doing random workouts, you will get random results.

Too many goals

You want to lose weight and also grow your legs and also do a pull up and also work on your imbalances.  While not that it is not possible, but sometimes working on too many things at once keeps up not progressing as much as we'd like.  Choosing 1-2 goals, achieving them then moving on to the next goals can help us stay focused and successful.  

Not overloading your muscles

Progress requires stimulus, it requires challenging your body so that it changes.  But if you're always using the same stimulus, your body will get used to it. When it is safe to do so, increase your load as needed.

Setting unrealistic expectations

Most fitness articles tell you that you can lose 10lbs in 10 days or grow a butt in a month.  Unfortunately, that is just not true. Setting unrealistic expectations may make our small progress seem insignificant and that we're not moving along, but we really are!

Not consistent

Get out a calendar and actually mark down when you do a workout and see how consistent you really are.  This has to somehow become a lifestyle for you, how can you make it work in your schedule so that you see the results you want.

Not monitoring your progress

It's easy to forget what weights you used last workout, so keep track in a small notebook or in your phone. Take your own measurements and progress photos as well and check them once a month to see the changes with your body. Use this only as information and not a way to define your worth! <3 

Not getting enough protein/ calories

If you're trying to build muscle mass, you need to eat enough calories and/or protein to build your body up. Remember working out is breaking your muscles apart so we need to recover and repair with enough nutrients.

Under estimating your calories

If you're trying to lose weight/fat, you have to be in a calorie deficit.  And often times we tend to under estimate how much we eat. We forget the small handfuls and late snacks, the sauces and oils, and portion sizes. These all add up throughout the weeks and months to keep up not progressing with our goals. Be more mindful of your intake.

Not getting enough sleep

Sleep is something that is so underrated and crucial in your progress and recovery from workouts and managing stress. Make sure you're getting enough quality sleep every night (put that phone down before bed!)

Not managing your stress levels

Stress plays a huge negative role in the body and can affect your hormones and how you build muscle and lose weight.  Remember, working out is a stressor for the body as well so we need to manage our total stress levels for optimal recovery.

Not being patient!

 This is what most people lack when waiting for progress. It takes times and effort! So please be patient and kind to yourself as you are working towards your goals. Trust the process!


Maida, Founder and Owner
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